Meet Aktiv Software at the unique Magento experience- Imagine 2019.

Like every year, Magento is back with its grand vision to connect global e-commerce network at one place. The history of Magento Imagine has seen over 3,000+ e-commerce experts, comprising partner agencies, merchants and Magento service providers.


Aktiv Software being a part of this community, visited Imagine 2018 and got the opportunity to educate its team members with pioneering ideas. The advanced Magento event helped us to network and collaborate with an array of Magento experts. We know, experience masters the growth and with this perspective of availing knowledge from industry leaders, merchants and developers we would be attending the Imagine 2019 event to enhance our Magento practices.


We love networking and that’s the reason behind our excitement of attending Imagine 2019.

On the very first day of the event, there are various networking sessions. We firmly believe the more we interact the more we get to learn. People from 60+ countries would be attending the event, and we can’t wait to interact with various agencies, traders and developers at the event.



Looking forward to the second day with epic keynote speeches at Imagine 2019.

We are all set to acknowledge the epic keynote presentations to acquire more knowledge about the Magento world. The general sessions and keynotes have always helped us to connect with the innovations and challenges occurring in the eCommerce ecosystem.



The final special and general session before signing off from Imagine 2019.

The breakout sessions and networking would be going on simultaneously with final general sessions and keynote presentations. Most importantly, we are looking forward to attending the DevExchange and networking session. We are also eager to see the brands showcasing their creations at the largest Magento gathering in the world.


Listing down our motto behind attending this resourceful event: –

  • Networking with experts, industry executives, developers and commerce innovators.
  • Discover the new innovations coming to our way and identify strategies and techniques from the industry’s leading visionaries.
  • Acquire knowledge about the new tools and techniques to serve the e-commerce industry in a better way.
  • Exploring the opportunities to network with partners, agencies and developers to create digital transformation and benefit our existing and future partners.
  • Learn about the latest platform development and get inspired from the success stories of exceptional growth on Magento platform.


We will be updating about the latest happenings of Magento Imagine 2019 on our social media handles- Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Stay tuned for regular updates and see you soon at the most awaited Magento event of the year.