Let your store achieve eminence with the assistance of Magento 2 experts.

There is so much of Magento 2 buzz around the corner. Are you buzzing around the same as us? Well, it is quite natural to be a bit excited about the innovative features, Magento 2 has brought to our reach. There are some exciting opportunities waiting for the Magento users and developers on their way to Magento’s latest version.


With the release of the new Magento version, there are plenty of companies and Magento users longing to switch their platform to the latest variant. With the new version having been dropped in the market, there are also critical issues faced by the Magento store users regarding the availability of proficient Magento 2 experts. So, here are some offerings we provide with Magento 2: –


Avail the most out of the “Feature-Rich” platform

As Magento 2 is already equipped with a feature-rich base, it can help your store build newer heights. It has stood out from the competition by providing modular architecture and coding structures. There is more capacity for growth with Magento 2 store as it delivers advanced functionality such as faster coding, content staging, instant purchase capability, scalability, email marketing, advanced shipping, BI, social media engagement and commerce cloud. Our Magento 2 experts can assist you to configure those functionalities with your store to reduce your hassles.


Integrate customized extensions with your store

Being ever-innovative Magento has expanded its horizon by providing various ready-made extensions and plugins to enhance your store functionalities. Various SEO, Product, Shipping, Order, Payment and discount extensions are made available from Magento 2 itself. All you need to do is integrate it with your store but here you will need some expert assistance to integrate the functionalities/plugins without any hassles. We can help you integrate and customize the already available extensions and enhance your store features.


Magento 2 Development expert

The technical expertise at Aktiv Software will help you develop your next-generation eCommerce store with Magento 2. Our developers have an in-depth knowledge of Magento’s coding structure, architecture, frameworks, and various security techniques to help you establish all new Magento 2 store.


Security and Optimization

Developing is just one phase, further comes the security and optimization phase. To deal with such security issues and optimize your store, make sure you install the security patches which are compatible with the platform. It is highly recommended installing newly issues security patches to avoid any compatibility and security issues with the newer version. Moreover, the coding practices, workflow and SEO efforts should be successfully restored and maintained to avoid any major flaws in the Magento 2 store.


Avail the advantage of ongoing support

We at Aktiv Software agree with the fact that once we deliver the project successfully our work doesn’t end there, we help our partners with ongoing support. The ultimate goal we want to serve is to facilitate a preventive maintenance approach and keep your store evolving. Along with support and performance optimization, we also provide training support to make your work easier.

Aktiv Software being a Magento development agency will work round the clock to help you get most out your investments. Also, the extra reward points are reserved for you as we work on a B2B model, so we will not come across your customers, we will work as your back-end Magento team helping you provide a satisfying experience to your end-clients.

Connect with us at magento@aktivsoftware.com and avail various B2B, omnichannel, Marketplace, AI, experiential eCommerce, mobile and subscription commerce solutions for your Magento 2 store.