Adobe (Magento), Leader of 2019 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce

Brief about Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce

As the digital commerce platform has been facing continuous complexities due to the enhanced vendor offerings and price model, Magic Quadrant report evaluates a total of 18 vendors of digital platforms for assisting as leaders, challengers, niche players and visionaries.


Why is Adobe (Magento) entitled as a leader in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce- For the third consecutive year?


Consumers are always looking for groundbreaking features to exceed digital touchpoints. Magento has always been up to the mark when we talk about innovating the eCommerce experiences. Its integration and collaboration with Adobe Experience Cloud and the introduction of Magento Commerce is a trailblazer towards extending eCommerce experiences.


As Magento’s ability to match the evaluation criteria exceeded the completeness of vision, it is identified as a leader in Digital Commerce for the third consecutive year. We believe that Adobe’s (Magento) performance, scalability, and ability to deliver world-class eCommerce experience has played a pivotal role in being named as a leader in Granter’s Magic Quadrant 2019 for Digital Commerce.


The magic quadrant evaluates any platform based on its ability to provide out-of-box support and interactive features. Here are some strengths of Adobe (Magento) as an eCommerce vendor.


What are the strengths of Adobe (Magento) as a leading offeror of Magento Commerce?

Magento Order Management, Shipping, BI, multitenant SaaS offerings are some of the rich features that complement Magento Commerce.

Supporting a wide range of B2C/B2B market and industry, now Along with Magento Commerce, it also offers Adobe Experience, Adobe Target, and service-based Commerce integration framework. Have a quick look at the strengths of Adobe (Magento) Commerce Cloud listed by Gartner:

  • Complete Commerce Solution
  • Application and Partner Ecosystem
  • Adobe Acquisition

We take genuine pride in serving customers and partners operating on Adobe (Magento), one of the most authentic digital commerce platforms.


Here is a detailed report of Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019, you can also find different eCommerce platforms and their achievements.