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About CMS Extended Rights


Renders excess rights to resellers/users for managing website.

CMS Extended Rights

Website Access Management

The Business flow required managing complete business solution along with Website management which shall be accessible by the internal team as well as Resellers. They needed frequent changes on the Website by the resellers & Internal users along with SEO management more specific for the URL redirection. The customer needed a functionality wherein the Internal team & Resellers shall be able to make changes on the Website to keep it updated on recent data and also make suitable changes as required which shall be managed & controlled by Senior Management through the same system.

Challenges before implementation

Our customized approach

1Tracking Changes on Website

Currently, in Odoo, you can provide access rights to a particular Internal user or Resellers through which they can make the changes, but it gets updated on the Website directly without approval and also no traceability about changes.

Solutions we delivered

1New Page Request

A new page added by the user with the content added would be seen here which the management can Approve / Reject.

2Draft View

All draft changes made are stored here which user can modify the work later without losing the work.

3Proposed View

Once the user is done with changes, he would submit that changes which can be preview by management and then approve it. Management also has an option to directly make the changes to the work submitted and then approve it.

4Web Templates

User can also save the web page as a template which can be used to create a new page by applying the same template.

5SEO Directions

It allows to redirection of web URL for better SEO management.


Communication & Culture

We have managed to create a culture wherein you can come up and ask queries/raise doubts instead of keeping them in mind and remain suspicious about it.

Professional Approach

Transparency, Timely Deliveries, Regular Updates through smooth communication are three professional essentials we take care of as your partner.

Coding Standards

Serving you as a partner we will not let you settle down with a code format which can break the consistency in your business workflow.

End-to-End Services

Be it Consultation, Integration, Version Upgrade, Module Development/Customization, we ensure to fulfill our partner’s requirements regardless of business model/size.