The Launch of Odoo 13- Limelight of Odoo Experience 2019!

As all Odoo attendees and community members would be knowing, every year Odoo unveils a new version during its annual event i.e. Odoo Experience. It has always remained a matter of excitement and curiosity for attendees of the event. Where thousands of experts from around the world come together under one roof it is always exciting to meet and talk about the all new version of Odoo.


With the release of Odoo v12, Odoo has set up a new level for its next version among people. While we are on the verge of getting to know about the innovative features of Odoo let’s recall the roadmap to Odoo 13.


What’s Coming Up?


  • Odoo Bank
  • OCR
  • Accountant as Service
  • Integration with recruitment
  • IoT
  • Stock Management Fixes
  • Track Positions
  • Industry-focused Solutions
  • Attendance recording
  • Odoo Survey enhancements
  • New App Field Service Management
  • eCommerce and website-related improvements


This was all about the expected features and a small glimpse of what could we expect from Odoo 13 but to know about the exact features we will have to wait till its launch at Odoo Experience 2019. So, get ready to acknowledge the launch of Odoo 13.


We look forward to exploring new opportunities to improve and develop better solutions with Odoo 13. You can also stay in tune with our social media handles to get updates about the all-new version if you aren’t able to watch the live streaming or attend the event.


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