Simplify your customers’ business processes with Odoo IoT Box Integration.

Being a service-provider all you want to showcase is your capability to improvise the needs of your customer. But working on a partnership model we also know how many difficulties you might be facing during the process of connecting each business process to eradicate labour efforts for your customers.


Working on Odoo platform, you might be aware of the latest innovation took place concerning to integration of various business processes to the Odoo database. Yes, you heard it right! The all-new Odoo IoT Box is released to help you connect your devices to the main database. Easy setup, full integration support, and standard connections are the three main highlights of the IoT Box.


How can Aktiv Software help you with Odoo IoT Box Integration?

Now, how can we being an Odoo specific agency help you? Let us understand the practical application of IoT box in your customers’ business process with some simple examples.


  • Easily fetch the accurate data from various measurement tools like gauge, height gadgets, digital calipers and micrometers and manage it on the Odoo database.
  • Now, in the second scenario let us consider that there are multiple CCTV cameras located at your customers’ production house. Then with the help of IoT box connectivity with those cameras, you can help your customers save pictures for validating quality control at various phases.
  • If your customer is serving a healthcare industry, you can help them in getting benefits from the IoT box by integrating it with the weighing machine. By doing it they would be able to achieve the results remotely.
  • We understand the limitations of human involvement in any process. It becomes hectic for any individual to manage multiple tasks at a time. So, we also ensure a way out for such business processes where the workers can switch the screen with just a footswitch while managing other necessitates.
  • As mentioned above, the IoT box can be easily integrated with any device. So, we can help your customers by integrating the IoT box with printers and link it to any report that exists in Odoo.


Further, we can also assist you in leveraging Odoo IoT Box integration benefits to your customers holding different business products and services. Having occupied with many major projects, you might not be able to integrate the IoT box with their business. But, partnering with us will lend you an extra pair of hands working to help them avail customized and out-of-the-box solutions that could actually simplify their business processes.


Here are various IoT devices we can help you and your customers create integrations with:

  • Temperature forecasting machine (Agriculture/Environmental industry)
  • Laboratory equipment (Hospital and Healthcare industry)
  • Home Automation (Infrastructure)
  • Inventory and production tools (Retail industry)


The list will go on. So, you come up with the industry and business process, our expert consultants and developers will find out a perfect way to reach the needs of your customers eventually increasing reward points for you. We will help you in fulfilling your client’s demand by creating a customized library to make Odoo IoT Box integration possible with various tools and devices irrespective of the industry.


We follow a standard process of generating insights and possibilities with every innovation made by Odoo. So, if you are in search of a proficient Odoo agency for enhancing your customers’ business flow with Odoo IoT Box, you can end your search here and contact us for an in-person conversation.