Our Resources

Restaurant Customizations

Enhance your restaurant management services with customized Odoo ERP solutions.

POS Guest Selection

Easily set limit on adding guests per table with our custom POS guest selection module.

Signup with Mobile Number

Easily signup with mobile number apart from email address too.

Dynamic PDF reports

Provide a dynamic name to your PDF reports with this Odoo module.

Reports with Watermark

Now generate reports with the choice of your watermark/images.

Website Image 360

With this module, you can easily showcase your product in 360-dimension view.

Merge Sale Order

This module allows merger of two or more than two sale orders from Draft state.

Merge Purchase Order

This module allows merger of two or more than two purchase orders from Quotation state.

Quotation Revision

Edit the price or number of products which are in the Quotation state.

User Activity Log

Track the work records of every user with our customized module.

Bulk Book Purchase Order

Bulk book is a California based book purchase portal comprising 2.5 million products including books, CD/DVDs and journals. Moreover, their catalogue includes more than 3 million currently published book titles with new books added every day.

Smart Page Scroller

Easily scroll up to the top once you have reached in the middle/end of the page.

Search Product Wizard

List the attributes and find matching product on the basis of fetched values.

Quick Module Upgrade

Avoid more navigation as this module allows direct upgrade/uninstall from the Kanban view.

Employee Skills and Qualification

Allows adding important skills & qualification of new employees.

HTML Tree Widget

Unlike the default Odoo flow, this module provides an enhanced view for all HTML widgets in tree form.

Custom Packaging Company

A custom packaging company in USA is providing packaging material based on parameters like size, material, weight and quantity and had over 3M plus combination of packaging material products. So, they were looking for a company/partners to switch their platform to a highly customizable eCommerce platform which is none other than Magento.

Editable Tree View in Group By

Easily edit the attributes in tree view when Group By is applied.

Project Timesheet Entry

A registered project user can fill up the project details and tasks in both list and form view.

Server Action

Command to start, stop or restart the server with the help of this module.

Drop Shipping Vendor Selection

Unlike default Odoo feature, select vendor of your choice to get your order shipped.

Partial Fund

Generate a refund invoice when user initiates for the refund without going to draft state and editing the original invoice.

Product Rating

Admin can easily view the product reviews & rating from backend which was otherwise not available.

Display Database Datetime

View the database with the date and time of its creation.

Quick Validate Receipt

Easily validate the order status purchased from same vendor.

Sale Order Duration Filter

Avail the desired records from sale order history by applying time filters.

Multiple Employee Contract

Forget the hassles of creating contract separately for every employee.

Healthcare Products Delivery

We developed customized eCommerce application for healthcare delivery portal. Using test driven development and agile methodology we created administration portal and several third-party integrations.

Website Comment

View the sale order comments listed by any user/developer in the back end.

Multiple Payslip

Generate Pay slips for multiple users with our customized Odoo module.

User Location

Keep a track of the time and location of the user who last logged in to the system.

Website Product Stock

Receive notification in case there are any products to be restocked/are less than the predefined quantity.

Search Delivery Ref Number in SO

Get detailed information about your delivery from your delivery number.

Product Image on Reports

This module allows you to display product images on any invoice or report.

Sale Order Line by Internal Reference

With the internal reference of any sale order avail its detailed information.

Customer Search Filtration

Now find your customers from their number, city, email, or job position.

Stock Per Each Location

This module will manage the record of product stocks and its forecast.

Sale Discount Limit

Impose restrictions on sale discount limit.

Sale Invoice Amount Variation Report

Make changes in the amount of a sale order while creating an invoice.

Sale Price Change Restriction

Pose restrictions on sales price update with the help of this customized module.

Status Bar Clock

View date and time on the status bar all the time after installing this module.

Restrict Manage Attachments

As per the pre-decided access, this module restricts the user from attaching further attachments.

Customer Sale History

Avail a detailed information about the products purchased by a user till date.

Reset Delivery Order

An inventory manager can reset the delivery order to the default state.

Office Furniture Agency

Office furniture agency in USA delivers office furniture to fortune 500 clients. Already having its store on Magento 1.9 the furniture agency was looking forward to shifting to the latest Magento version.

Sandwich Rule

Employees applying for leave in midst of two days will fall under Sandwich rule.

Vendor Purchase History

Keep a record of the products purchased from vendors in past.

Payment Reminders

Don’t miss on reminding payment dues with this module.

Product Low Stock Notification

This module allows sending an automatic mail to stock managers in case of product shortage.

Picking Delivery Report

Assigning delivery task will become easier than ever with this module’s extensive features.