Professional Organizations / Freelancers- Whom to prefer for Odoo ERP Implementation?

Entrepreneurs seeking for Odoo ERP Implementation services are observed in a dilemma when they have to choose between independent Odoo freelancers and professional Odoo development companies.


If you too are an Odoo customer and going through this dilemma, then I think reading this blog would help you untangle this labyrinth.


Let’s start with a simple real-life example. Imagine that you are going to buy a smartphone, which brand will you prefer? Obviously, an often-heard brand known for its quality. The reason behind choosing such brands is their services and quality which have been proved consistent and have cultivated trust.


We often get jumbled with Freelancers’ official standards and quality work. That’s why I am sharing some points which can make your opinion clear.


Multidimensional Expertise for Odoo ERP Implementation. 

Odoo Agencies and Freelancers both provide services for Odoo, but the major difference amongst them is that Odoo Agencies represents a team of experts who are highly qualified and trained in different segments of Odoo ERP such as Project Management, Sales, Survey, CRM, POS, Warehouse API, and web services. While the Freelancers only have specialization in specific areas, not in all dimensions.

Working with Odoo’s development hubs means having a whole team of professionals with expertise in different areas. Be it Odoo Consultancy, Odoo Implementation, Odoo Customization or Odoo Training and Support, Odoo services require experts who play a unique role as per their knowledge. Unlike the Freelancers works as one size fits all.


After all Experience Matters!

Freelancers, unlike the Odoo professionals, have less experience in managing quality and customization at every stage of development. The employees on the other side also help the clients in a timely manner. Odoo development organization makes sure that their quality of work is maintained and their clients are satisfied. Whereas, Freelancers just exchange time for money, and don’t look beyond just submitting their work.


The experience that professional Odoo developers have gained from their organizations is worth for full-fledge Odoo ERP Implementation.


Keeping up with Trends and Latest Technologies.

Selection of right Odoo service provider for Odoo ERP implementation might be easy for the clients. But, adapting with changes in technology and trends is most imperative for any Odoo ERP service provider. Freelancers might be occupied with bundles of projects and sometimes might skip their sight from such advancements.


It is not just about the website stuff, that if didn’t suffice client’s requirements you can start it from the beginning. Single wrong decision or unawareness can cause you an immense loss. At Odoo’s professional organization, employees are provided with timely training, so they don’t miss any advancement as a part of a futuristic approach to technologies.


Providing Quality Services.

As a part of harmonized workflow with the professional team, you can get your project done without missing any deadlines. But as mentioned earlier Freelancers are loaded with many projects at the same time which can create problems with meeting deadlines and delivering quality work. Moreover, confidentiality can be at risk while working with Freelancers but, professional Odoo firms have standards and policies to maintain credibility with their partners/clients.


After taking a glimpse at these aspects, it is clear that Freelancers are suitable for small tasks with specific domain expertise. But, choosing professional Odoo ERP organization is clearly to be on a safer side because of their multidimensional expertise in Odoo ERP implementation.


Aktiv Software’s team of Odoo professionals hailing from a range of backgrounds will help you bring an element of excellence in your project. If you still find it confusing, you can contact us on our mail id: We will be happy to help you eliminate your glitches.