Magento Imagine 2019 Summary

Well, it was a prolific ride to Imagine 2019 and back. Two of our panel members attended the event with full zest and left no stone unturned in taking advantage of what Magento had lined-up for the community. Here are some highlights shortlisted from our experience for those who weren’t able to attend the event.


This time it was all about expanding the experience for customers and merchants

It was truly a historic time to be at the biggest eCommerce event of the year. The event was kicked off by Gary Spector- VP, Commerce Sales and Customer Success, Experience Business at Adobe. This year the focus relies on how the Magento Commerce is gelled up with Adobe Experience Cloud to drive real-time relevance and personalized experiences.


As mentioned by Gary in his speech, the ultimate goal is to- “Expand the Experience”. But beyond that, the amalgamation of Adobe Experience Cloud and Magento Commerce boasted the universe of creative options from a commerce perspective. Now there are so many opportunities for Magento customers as to how they collaborate their expertise with it and create personalized experiences.


This year it was a new way of exploring how we as a community could serve better experiences and evolve together. The strong vision of Magento and the active community will really help to accelerate innovation with Adobe extending the capabilities of the platform. In a nutshell, Magento has become that perfect glove for Adobe in the mission towards empowering digital experiences.


Listing down the new Magento 2 features.

Experience-driven commerce is what will affect the entire customer journey with a combination of content, data, marketing, and commerce.  It is something that is enabled for merchants of all sizes and across all channels. Here are some important innovations you need to get familiar with: –


  • The new commerce capabilities will natively integrate, enhance and manage within the Adobe Experience Cloud platform by providing limitless flexibility to customize and support any use case across B2B, B2C or hybrid sales models.
  • Recently launched PWA studio was one of the main highlights of the event. A session was carried out by Eric Erway, Sr. Manager, Product Manager Magento covering the future of PWA with Commerce.
  • Asynchronous Web APIs has taken the charge to provide an ability to Magento of making request without waiting for a response from the server unlike the default flow.
  • With the introduction of PWA there was a need of getting a smaller amounts of data and fewer API request. This was made possible through GraphQL which limited the subset of attributes to be returned and join data in a single request.
  • Multi Source Inventory allows the merchants to natively manage their inventory via multiple sources. With this merchant can handle all inventory without any third-party extensions.

Bottom Line:

There were many breakout sessions, training campaigns and keynote speeches covering almost every inch of Magento world. But we all know this is not the end there are more possibilities waiting for us. But let’s first avail the present offerings catered by Magento and start evolving and expanding the experience.


As innovation continues, we are all set to expand the experience of our partners. The scale of serving more partners across every industry and following the mission of using technology to turn every shopping experience unforgettable experience is all we want to pursue.


If you are working on an eCommerce platform then we are here to share your load and afford possibilities to generate greater value for your stakeholders and customers.