Customized Odoo Modules for your Customer’s Business Requirements

Be it Sales, Website, Operations or any of the productive tools Odoo has given the flexibility to create custom app modules for each of those requirements. It has redefined the scalability of the platform and have eradicated the need of integrating with multiple apps for all business sizes. Having worked on Odoo since long we had crafted many Odoo modules to fulfill the ERP needs of our partner organization/Odoo specific agencies. Presenting some Odoo modules here: –


Know a bit about our top 4 Odoo App Modules

Odoo Apps are perfect fit to automating your business process. Being your partner, we can help you customize apps which can eradicate the need of preparing any third-party interface for your customer’s unique business needs. Here are some Odoo apps which we have created to untangle some unique business scenarios.


User Activity Log-

Ease down the hassles of managing daily tasks at workplace as now with User Activity Log module user can easily keep the track of the work history they have performed throughout the day. Below mentioned are the features of this module:


  • Admin has the rights to track user activity for every individual user. While every individual can’t track other user’s activity.
  • The activity can be creating and editing any record.
  • What changes were made and who made them can be easily known with this module. Again, the users other than admin can’t deleted records stored in user activity log.


You can easily avail this module on Odoo App Store by following this link.


Automatic Task Duration-

Now there is no chance that you would skip an important deadline as you can set timer for each of your task based on the priorities. Our Automatic Task Duration module keep a record of the time duration spent on a specific task. Here is a bit more about this module:

  • User can start and stop the timer at the time of task initiation and termination.
  • Also, there is a description box where user can add the task description.
  • Further a timesheet will be generated which will contain start and end date, employee name, description and duration.

Download this module from Odoo App Store.


Reports with Watermark-

Unlike the default Odoo functionality, now user can add Watermark to their reports for branding and authenticity purpose. Our “Reports with Watermark” module enables the option of adding watermark in Odoo.

Below mentioned are the features of this module:

  • You can add Company’s logo as Watermark.
  • You can also add a background image as Watermark.
  • You can input text as watermark and customize its color, size and angle.

Download it from Odoo App Store.


Merge Sale Order-

User can now forget the bothers of creating new quotation on every sale order as with this module if a customer is ordering from the same partner’s store then they will be able to avail the feature of merging multiple orders. If user is trying to merge sale order purchased for different customers then a pop up with a warning message will be displayed and this functionality will be disabled at that time.


Below listed are features of “Merge Sale Order” module:

  • User can merge two or more than two Quotations of the same Customer
  • Various options are provided when user selects the order and proceeds for merging. To know about it in detail follow this link.


These were some modules which has encountered great download numbers and are appreciated by many partners. But we have curated 65+ modules for different categories and business needs. Do check out our them on Odoo store. You can also get a step-by-step guide for each of the modules for better understanding.


For further queries/inquiries on any of our Odoo modules you can connect with us at:


In case you are occupied with multiple projects then you can harness the power of our customized modules to serve your customer’s unique business requirements.