Comparison Matrix for the Features of Odoo 12 Enterprise and Community Editions.

Odoo being a suite of open source business covers all of your eCommerce, CRM, inventory/warehouse, manufacturing, accounting, POS, website requirements etc. Odoo has its open source edition- Odoo Community and enterprise edition. With every new release of version, each of these editions undergoes discoverable changes to benefit developers and users with new features.



You might have read our blog on- What to look for while searching for an Odoo development organization? If haven’t read yet here is the link. But before you approach any organization you must be aware about various editions and its features. Having a clear idea about it will help you explain your requirements better to the developers and experts of your partner organization.



So, it is better to have an eye on each of the versions. Aktiv Software has made your work easier by preparing a comparison table where you can find out the major differences among the features of Odoo 12 Enterprise and Community Editions.



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