Office Furniture Agency

Office Furniture Agency

Office furniture agency in USA delivers office furniture to fortune 500 clients. Already having its store on Magento 1.9 the furniture agency was looking forward to shifting to the latest Magento version.

Challenges before implementation

As a seller of fortune 500 companies, they couldn’t expect clients to log on to their Magento store and place order. So, they wanted to create a strategy wherein they don’t need to approach them and place order.

Solutions we delivered

  1. After brainstorming ideas, we decided to create a crone job which will be executed every time in between the scheduled time.
  2. Built eCommerce store on Magento 1.X, carrying products over 100,000 with 30+ product categories
  3. Magneto store integration with client’s procurement system (SAP- Purchase Module) along with real time running crones
  4. So, the integration of crone jobs with RPF (Request for Purchase) will check whether the company needs any office furniture or not.
  5. If it finds any requirement from RPF it will directly generate an order on the store.
  6. Vendors got credentials for Magento store, they can update their inventory real time on store
  7. Store Integration with SFDC for inventory management, and tracking
  8. Every vendor & client billing & invoicing would be managed through SAP, hence integration with SAP was also achieved