About Warehouse Management

About Warehouse Management

The client is a halal supply based food processing company mainly focusing on processing and packing halal meat having different types of products with different attributes like merk (brand), Vleessoort (type of meat), Smaak (taste) and many others. So, they wanted a classified search based on these product attributes with which product searching and removing (after expiration) could be easier. A truck delivers products from the butcher to the warehouse of Halal Supply which requires a transfer of product from one stock location to the other. They wanted a functionality through a wizard which could be accessed on the go by any of the worker being in godown and can add or remove products as per the stock availability. Also, they had to move pallets (stack of product packs) from one location to the other which can avoid each manual transfer from stock picking. Product Attributes and its Configuration was also a concern in making different variety of products.

Challenges before implementation

Right now, in Odoo, all the transfers and lots are managed based on manual creation of each entry in Stock Picking, Stock Quant and Stock Moves. Also, feature wise searching of products is not possible from the out of box feature. Due to which, it made a complication in finding a product with its matching attributes. Packaging and Barcode of each product is managed in Odoo but moving a product from source location to destination location is prolonged process in creating a transfer.

Solutions we delivered

  1. Searching Product Wizard - Attribute wise product searching.
  2. Add Product Wizard - Select a product and add the desired quantity of the product to be added on a Stock Location.
  3. Remove Product Wizard - Select a product and give the quantity to remove the product from the Stock Location (incase product has expired).
  4. Put Product on Pallet - Adding each product on Pallet.
  5. Pallet Transfer - Transfer of Pallet from transit zone to the destination location.
  6. Put Product on Truck - Adding isolated product directly on truck.
  7. Put Pallet on Truck - Adding the whole pallet to the truck.