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POS Product and Sub-Product


Allows user to manage a complete food chain business.

POS Product

Define options / sub-products to the main product

Along with the exisiting POS features of Odoo, we have made few enhancements to make the POS related features easier for users.

Challenges before implementation

Our customized approach


Currently, in Odoo, you can define a product in the system but cannot define options / sub-products to the main product because of which the representative while placing an order via POS, the options were not visible and hence becoming a difficult and tedious process.

2Order Reciepts

The kitchen slip & customer receipt showed each option as a separate product.

Solutions we delivered

1Product Classification

Mainly, classified product as Main product & Sub product.
Separate Product Categories for Main & Sub Product. The user can define multiple sub-products to Main product based on different Sub Product Categories.

2Product Selection

While placing an Order via POS, the representative will first select the Main product after which it would take it to the next screen which would allow selecting the sub-products associated to that Main product in the sequence of sub product categories defined in the Main product.

3Kitchen Order & Receipt

The Kitchen order, as well as Customer receipt, would consist of the Main product under which it would show all the options selected which helps in easy perception.
Also, the representative can generate multiple times the Kitchen receipt which was allowed only once in default.


Professional Approach

Transparency, Timely Deliveries, Regular Updates through smooth communication are three professional essentials we take care of as your partner.

Communication & Culture

We have managed to create a culture wherein you can come up and ask queries/raise doubts instead of keeping them in mind and remain suspicious about it.

End-to-End Services

Be it Consultation, Integration, Version Upgrade, Module Development/Customization, we ensure to fulfill our partner’s requirements regardless of business model/size.

Coding Standards

Serving you as a partner we will not let you settle down with a code format which can break the consistency in your business workflow.