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Creating a Digital Transformation story along with Digisuite

About Digisuite

Digital Transformation Solution Provider

Digisuite is a France based company where they are seeking to create a digital transformation wave using ERP and E-commerce solutions. They mainly deal with Open Source Management software to bring a value creation in digital technology. Their vision is to incorporate synchronization among the physical and online stores for the customers by combining the competencies of ERP and E-commerce.

Challenges before implementation

Our customized approach

1Looking for a Collaborative Solution

Digisuite was trying to bring together everything under one roof for customers so they could easily shop/do business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. But following their urge to provide digital solutions to customers, they needed a partner who could understand ERP and Ecommerce and have expertise in combining such Open source solutions.

2Scaling up the Resources

They needed a support from a partner organization which could scale up their team and support their customers even after the France hours. Moreover, they were jammed with several on-going projects due to which their marketing and business strategies were going out of action. So, they thought of moving their focus to innovating strategies in order to let the digital transformation wave sustain.

Solutions we delivered

1Amalgamation of ERP and E-commerce

Looking forward to searching a suitable partner organization that could understand their requirements Digisuite brought Aktiv Software onboard.

Aktiv as a software development organization held a nice grip over ERP and e-commerce solutions. And it was like a cherry on the cake when Digisuite found that Aktiv had a vast experience in dealing with such combinations.

Partnering with Aktiv Software has given them a liberty to explore their manpower and scale up the digital transformation level.


Professional Approach

Transparency, Timely Deliveries, Regular Updates through smooth communication are three professional essentials we take care of as your partner.

Communication & Culture

We have managed to create a culture wherein you can come up and ask queries/raise doubts instead of keeping them in mind and remain suspicious about it.

End-to-End Services

Be it Consultation, Integration, Version Upgrade, Module Development/Customization, we ensure to fulfill our partner’s requirements regardless of business model/size.

Coding Standards

Serving you as a partner we will not let you settle down with a code format which can break the consistency in your business workflow.