About Chocolate Shop in Belgium

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Confiserie Jonas gaining control over accurate business decisions with our custom solutions.

About Confiserie Jonas

Chocolate Shop in Belgium

Started back in 2010, Confiserie Jonas is mainly into the production of the hard confectionery and chocolates. Lately, they have been trying to produce vegetable-based products to sustain respect for animals, people, and the environment. The traditional and sustainable way of production has gained them popularity, also resulting in increased customer liability.

Challenges before implementation

Our customized approach

1Organizing Operations

Before our collaboration with Confiserie Jonas, they were using XLS. They were doing manual data entry of stock intakes, sales, invoices, etc. If we consider this process, it is undoubtedly a time-consuming task, which is also directly proportional to low productivity.

2Inventory and Management Issues

– Improper accounting of Sale/Purchase transactions in Business
– Unnecessary Workload due to XLS style of maintaining accounts
– No track of inventory records, which involved the theft of physical inventory items and misstatement.
– Delayed information about out of stock issues drew them away from the customers.
– Due to no access to business analytics, they were not able to fetch product performance information.

Solutions we delivered

1Inventory Management Solutions

Odoo being a cloud-based ERP was capable of catering custom business solutions for the chocolate shop. With the help of certified developers at Aktiv Software, they were able to switch to the basic Odoo system. However, we performed a lot of tweaking to suit their business issues, especially invoicing and stock management.

2Customized Odoo Solutions

– Created Batch / Lot No. for customer invoice
– Best before date calculation on invoice
– Product label and nutrition value generation
– Point of sale standard configuration
– Added allergy management information
– Product Cost price calculation
– Managing inventory of goods
– Registering the raw materials and sold products facility
– All information in multiple languages (Dutch, French, English, German, Italian)


Professional Approach

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Communication & Culture

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End-to-End Services

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Coding Standards

Serving you as a partner we will not let you settle down with a code format which can break the consistency in your business workflow.