Finding a perfect Odoo development partner.

Odoo being a vast community, choosing a partner firm for your Odoo development services from thousands of options can become as difficult as finding a needle in the haystack.

So, here are some basics you need to have an eye during the selection process of organizations catering Odoo development services.

Long-Term Partnership:

For maintaining the consistency of quality, you need to choose a partner who becomes a perfect fit to missing jigsaw puzzle and fulfill your organizational goals. Switching between Odoo development organizations can get you on nerves as well as can generate a long list of complaints from your clients too as every outsource firm use different methods and practices. If you want to peruse a durable partnership with your outsourcing firm, you need to choose one, who puts quality efforts on every project regardless of size. 

Professional Approach:

The way you get treated at professional level while working with Odoo development firms matters a lot. Ideally, the elements of transparency, timely deliveries, regular updates through smooth communication are the essentials of professional approach you should look for while choosing your Odoo development partner.


A key part of technological industry- flexibility allows your organization to keep up with the latest trends and demands. While searching Odoo development partners, make sure you select an organization that flexes with technological changes/demands. On the other side, such Odoo development firms should be able to adopt your work etiquettes and methodologies.

End-to-End Services:

Odoo is a vast platform having solutions for various segments. Be it CRM, Inventory, POS or any other verticals make sure your Odoo development partner has grip over all of them. Imagine if an outsource organization you have chosen only works on Odoo integration and customization. What about the migration and implementation services? I am sure you will not prefer to partner with multiple firms for your Odoo requirements. So, it is better to search for an organization providing all-comprehensive Odoo services rather choosing different firms for each requirement. 

Communication & Culture:

A culture wherein you don’t feel hesitated while communicating with your partner firm will be the best way to generate positive results for your business. Also, they should be able to create a culture wherein you can open up to ask queries/raise doubts instead of keeping them in mind and remain suspicious about it. A successful integration of your requirements and their assumption will create a space for open culture where feedbacks/new ideas are appraised. 

Coding Practices:

While searching for Odoo development services, one of the most key factors to look for is, coding standards. A standardized code will maintain the efficiency and simplicity of code. Suppose that one of the developers of your partner firm left the organization. If the previous developer hasn’t followed the standard coding structure, the newbie will be confused with the new methods and will take a considerable amount of time to settle down with that format which can break the consistency. 

Risk Management:

Before handing over the first-cut/ full deliveries to you, the testing team of your partner firm will thoroughly test each and every functionality of the project in order to avoid errors. Apart from the technical perspective, risk management should be backed by professional work commitment from your partners before confirming the project to avoid future flaws.

Don’t forget to look for the above-mentioned qualities while looking forward to choosing Odoo development organization. If you don’t want to perform the lengthy selection process of finding perfect organization, let me make it easy for you.  You can consider Aktiv Software for your Odoo development services.

We provide you with the assurance of covering all the above requirements keeping quality as a constant at each stage of development.