The official summary of Aktiv Annual Meet-2019

Aktiv Annual Meet-2019

“We rise up by lifting others” and it was the only reason behind a successful 2019 financial year. Throughout FY2019 our team saw a tremendous growth under the spotlight of new ideas and perspectives. To celebrate the success of FY19 we organized an annual meet to create a thought-provoking environment wherein best minds of team can come together an cherish their hard work behind it.

The conference was slightly different from other professional annual meets as the seniors made it very casual and comfortable for employees. From sharing giggles together to reviving the memories we covered it all. The whole professional conference day turned out to be a cheerful and memorable day for all employees. There was no stone left unturned by the senior managers and directors in creating a sociable atmosphere.

Let’s head towards the unveiling of official Aktiv Annual Meet 2019.

Keynotes replaced by some solution-oriented sagas

Meet our Business Director- Mr. Alkesh Soneji. Now, this was a formal introduction, now let me present his quirky side. He has that spirit of moving along with trends and creating a professional as well as friendly impression on anyone’s mind.

In his session he didn’t present any formal keynotes instead he presented some amazing real-time stories to help us head towards a solution-driven mindset. His concluding keywords – “Nothing in the world is silly, every Question has an Answer and every Problem has a Solution.” inspired us to adopt a result-driven approach. It was cute and compact.

A motivational kick-start for the marketing force

Generally known as an aggressive marketing person our Sales Director- Mr. Kalpesh Maheshwari took us on ride to our substantial growth of 2019. Guess what!! We have marked a substantial growth in on boarding partners and now we have even stronger customer-base. With a qualitative approach and marketing efforts we did it successfully.

He shed light on some major accomplishments grabbed by Aktiv in FY2019. Not only Odoo we have now acquired a good number of partners in Magento as well. It was so inspiring and proud moment for all of us to acknowledge the growth of company together. With a strategic plan for FY2020 he gave us a spirit to deal with the toughest gig and evolve as a better version of ourselves.

Thumbs up for the Customer-first culture

The session was further taken over by our Operations Head – Devang Mehta. He is witty and smart enough to handle every situation while dealing with customers. By customer, he didn’t mean only our partners but employees too. We had a healthy discussion regarding setting up preferences for internal (employees) as well as external (partners) customers.

The thought of putting customers before us was very sound and clear from his session. “Customer-first is a team-sport”. It needs to be cherished and taken care of as a team and not separately”. This sentence brought the whole sense of his session to light. He gave a big shout out to our customers considering their situation and menaces they face while working with partner organizations.

Getting into the discussion of ripening the technical expertise

The Technical Director and mastermind of Aktiv- Mr. Jainesh Shah took over the discussion ahead with technical skill improvisation topic. He kept us engaged with this topic by throwing light on the strengths of strong technical expertise. It was a great deal to hear him speak on sharpening technical skills in order to bring better outcomes from the projects and thereby delighting customers.

He also appreciated the rapid growth rate of company and empowered the team to take a step ahead on their way to personal and professional growth. Further the session was carried over by a guest speaker wherein he motivated employees to shape destiny from the efforts of good actions and decisions. It was a therapeutic kick-start to FY2020.

All in all, it was a thriller experience at Aktiv Annual Meet 2019. Cheers to the seniors, employees and those who had put their genuine efforts to make this event happen. We are all geared up for a new start, and we will ensure to mark bigger success than FY2019 by serving our partners more accurately.