Adobe’s Acquisition over Magento- A New Beginning!

Magento-An Adobe Company says it all. Almost before a year, Adobe acquired over Magento Commerce. This provided a new drift to Magento’s global community. Right after the announcement of procurement, the response of customers, partners, and community members have been overwhelming. However, there are some people who also have an adverse trait regarding Magento’s life and its existence after the takeover.


In this discussion, we will figure out the perks and pitfalls of both worlds as to how the acquisition will affect both of these technologies. So, let’s roll up the sleeves and start a healthy discussion.

The effect of Acquisition on Magento’s future.

For more than years, Magento has been an eminent technology serving eCommerce solutions systematically which has increased its synergies. With many bonus points Magento also was facing tough competition from Woo Commerce, PrestaShop, Big Commerce, and Shopify as they were targeting themselves as leaders in small and mid-sized businesses.


Here’s the predicted future impact of acquisition:


  • Integration of eCommerce and Creative Cloud
  • This merger might also give rise to remarkable holistic Magento 3 optimized for both B2C and B2B  environments.
  • Magento Commerce Cloud users could get access to integrate with Adobe’s products to personalize the shopping experiences for customers.
  • Combination of AI/ML capabilities that drives business intelligence.


So, what potential did Adobe expected in Magento? Let’s find it.


A tailwind for Adobe!

As we all know Adobe has built a monopoly status on design and documentation products. Now, when it has acquired Magento it has become capable of rendering almost all eCommerce services required by any size of company. You can expect Adobe as a complete one-stop shop as it could leverage the benefits of Magento’s enterprise solutions too.

Building mobile commerce solutions with content creation and marketing services, Adobe can even increase the competitiveness against Shopify. Again, Magento is collaborating with Amazon which will eventually add another feather on Adobe’s cap. Amazon can provide a global logistics network for Magento customers which in turn will accelerate the adoption of Magento solutions.


Further, the symbolic relationship between Amazon and Magento could benefit Adobe as there would be more reasons to buy it. Some even could be converted as the customers of Adobe/Magento Commerce Cloud.


Acknowledging all the benefits that Adobe could avail after its acquisition over Magento, it has emerged as an eCommerce SaaS player despite its Creative Cloud’s annexes getting tired. Adobe has created a win-win situation by acquiring Magento as it has opened up new revenue streams other than its usual/biggest source of revenue i.e. Creative Cloud Pricing. It has finally received a solid footprint for a high-grade profitable future.


The Bottom Line:

Having acknowledged the viewpoints from both ends there are some partners who are showing hesitations regarding the bright future of Magento as a community-oriented platform.  Even there are partners who think that the existence of Imagine would no longer be the same.


Not forgetting the eCommerce spirit within us, even if Imagine 2020 is held under the brand of Adobe we will come back with the same zest to make the eCommerce experience brighter. We are hoping that the next year would be filled with new opportunities and will bring in a better experience for customers, merchants, and partners as well.