Our Story

Establishment of Aktiv Software

Once a squad of four friends took a decision to dodge the uninspiring nine to five job and dive into the service industry. Belonging from India, they knew there was very less acceptance observed when it came to partner with India based companies. With determined attitude and sharp focus on goal they decided to break this myth by establishing a B2B company serving ERP and Ecommerce services. This was how Aktiv came into existence. Currently we have a good number of partners across the world and are aiming to forge more partnership in coming years.

Aktiv Team

The team members at Aktiv are committed to help their partners in maintaining a sustainable growth by crafting innovative solutions for them. Our elite squad members while aiming for personal growth never skip out on serving organizational goals. It helps us to empower and expand our partners’ businesses. Our Aktiv team members accepts new challenges and converts them into opportunities, thereby setting new goals to measure our own success.

Aktiv Leadership

Jainesh Shah

Technical Head

Kalpesh Maheshwari

Business Development Head

Alkesh Soneji

Finance & Business Head

Devang Mehta

Operations Head

aktiv approach

Avail a professional, transparent and innovative approach while working with us.


Our Culture & Values

We firmly believe that “The power of people, collaborative culture and corporate ethics” are three B2B essentials that guides you towards building a healthy relationship with partners. We have always tried to infuse these three basics while interacting with partners. As the quote follows “We rise by lifting other”, we carry our ethical values and adapt our partner’s culture to help them elevate their business.

Collaborate with us if you hold a:

  • We focus on quality all else will follow
  • Our partners trust us to adhere to our plans
  • We are always open for healthy discussions
  • Committed to drive honest and ethical culture